Give some options ans get the code an the image from a static map with Google Maps API. The code you get is valid with HTML 5 markup. To gerate the circle path I use GMapCircle and PolylineEncoder.

The Static Map

static map


<img src=",-73.9400&amp;zoom=11&amp;size=594x300&amp;scale=1&amp;maptype=roadmap&amp;format=png&amp;visual_refresh=true&amp;sensor=false&amp;path=weight:5%7Ccolor:0x00B16AAA%7Cfillcolor:0x26C28164%7Cenc:q%7CwwF%7EkhbMnDgfBhOgdBzYg%60Bzc%40kzAbm%40urAnu%40kiAz%7C%40s%7E%40%7CbAsr%40vgAse%40bkA%7BW%7ElAuIjmAvBdlAbQpiA%7E%5EleAll%40%7C_Azx%40fy%40ddAhq%40dnAnh%40rvAz%5Eh%7DApThbB%7CIfeB%3FdfB%7DIfeBqThbB%7B%5Eh%7DAoh%40rvAiq%40dnAgy%40ddA%7D_Azx%40meAll%40qiA%7E%5EelAbQkmAvB_mAuIckA%7BWwgAse%40%7DbAsr%40%7B%7C%40s%7E%40ou%40kiAcm%40urA%7Bc%40kzA%7BYg%60BiOgdBoDifB&amp;markers=color:green%7C40.6700,-73.9400" alt="static map" class="staticMap">

Generate your Static Map

To generate your Static Map you need the Latitude and Longitude of your address. The coordinates you can get here. For the right use of the options see the Static Maps documentation.


or enter:

Map options
API Key (optional)

If you don't use a API key, you have "just" 25.000 free requests to static maps per day!

Marker (optional)
Circle (optional)
Reset Generator

Note This gererator don't gives you all options of Google Static Maps API. You can at other parameters to the generated markup if you need them.


  • Version 1.1
    • Generator saves your submits
    • Add reset button
    • Add possibility to enter address instead of latitude and longtitude with Google Geocoding
  • Version 1 - final generator


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